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Association Annual Fees

The annual fee of $309.75 (inclusive of GST) may be paid by CASH or CHEQUE ONLY. This can be done through the mail or by person at the Park office. We would, however, appreciate it if the homeowner's could mail in their fees, as this helps to expedite the payment process. To facilitate our bookkeeping, kindly include the bottom portion of your invoice with your payment by June 30th. A $15.00 charge will be added to NSF cheques and interest will be charged on any outstanding balance after July 31st, @ 1.5% per month (18% per annum). Thank you for your cooperation, and paying your fees promptly.


No person under 16 shall be permitted on a boat unless accompanied by a person at least 16 years of age.

Members wishing to sign out a boat must leave their membership card at the main gate or boat house. The member that signs out the boat must be in the boat at all times.

Life jackets must be worn by all occupants of any water vessel at all times. Failure to do so will result in a loss of lake privileges..

All boats or sail boards should immediately come ashore if potentially hazardous conditions arise such as lightning, dangerous winds or storm conditions.

No boat or sail board shall be operated in a careless or dangerous manner.

No watercraft shall be beached along the shoreline.

Jumping and swimming from the boats is strictly prohibited.

Maximum of 2 hour time limit when signing out boats.

All boats must be returned at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

Boats or equipment that is damaged or unsafe must be returned to the boat house immediately.

Should a boat capsize on the lake, the most important rule s STAY WITH THE BOAT until assistance arrives.

A line of marker buoys will be established off both beach areas to define the restricted zones. No watercraft are permitted between the beach and marker buoys.