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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I Fish In The Lake?

A. Yes paid up members can fish in the lake. Fishing will not be allowed southeast of an imaginary line drawn between the northeast corner of the Inn to the large rock in the water west of the falls, NO FISHING OFF THE BEACHES, WATERFALLS OR DOCKS AT ANY TIME. A daily limit of trout is two per person, to a maximum of four per household per day. The monthly limits is ten trout per family (household plus guest). See Rule for Fishing

Q. Can I Still Get In To Use The Park or Lake if I have not paid my fees?

A. No it would be unfair to our paid up memebers.

Q. Do I Need A Fishing Licence?

A. No the Lake Bonavaista Homeowners Association carries a permit that is specific to the lake and that is all that is required.

Q. Do I Need A Membership Card?

A. Yes, cards will be issued to all members in good standing. Please take care of your card. Replacement cards will be issued for a cost of $5.00 (gst in). The cards are NOT waterproof.

Q. I Am Moving Can I Get A Refund Of My Encumbrance Fees?

A. When you sell your home you can choose to have your lawyer obtain re-imbursment from your buyer on a pro-rated basis or pass on the remaining portion of your fees as a goodwill gesture. If you are moving to another home in the community, your fees will again be due as the fee is not transferred from house to house. Please inform us of your move as this will help us keep our records updated.

Q. Who Can Be A Member?

A. Registered Homeowner, unmarried children living at home, and widowed Mother or Father living in the home are entitled to cards. (Proof of residence may be required).

The resident homeowner and spouse are considered as Senior members. Children and widowed parents are considered Junior members.

Q. Who Can Hire (sign Out) A Boat?

A. Members 16 years or older may sign out a boat. If the signing member is under the age of 16, a boat may be issued if they are accompanied by a guest who is 16 years or older (guest's ID may be required).