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Lake Conditions

Danger Thin Ice

Stay off the lake ice surface.

Lakeside and lake access homeowners do not venture onto the lake ice surface until you have check with the lake office or the red flag posted on our website has been changed to green.

Posted: Monday 13th November 2017

For more information on the current lake conditions, please contact us at Lake Bonavista Homeowners Assoc. Ltd., 757 Lake Bonavista Drive SE, Calgary, T2J 0N2 Bus: 403-271-3333 Fax: 403-271-4337 Web:

Member Lake Access

All Members and their guests are to access the Lake and Park through the North or South (operation only in summer ) gates. Each Member must present their valid membership card to Security upon entry. This card will be swiped and the Member's visit logged.

If access to the boat launch is required please see the North gate for the key.

Unsupervised children must be 12 years and older to enter the park.