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December 2018
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Only Ice Fishing is Allowed

All Ice Surfaces Uneven Use at Own Risk

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Members Rules

Guest Access

Senior Members (Homeowners) are permitted to sign in 10 guests per day at the gate.

Junior Members age 21 and over are permitted to sign in 5 guests per day.

Junior members (under 21) may sign in 2 guest per day.

Residents eligible for membership cannot be signed in as guests.

Senior Member’s may bring in larger groups. Please come in 1 week prior to your event to fill out a "special group activity form" bring a list of your attendees, each senior member may sign for up to 25 guests. There is a maximum of 25 guests for groups outside of the Niven and maximum of 150 guests inside of the Niven area.

The Niven area is the only area of the Park that you may reserve for group activities, the rest of the park is first come first serve.

Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.

Members will assume full responsibility for their guests and their guests’ actions while accessing any of the Lake Bonavista Homeowners Association Ltd. amenities.

No signing guests in ahead of their arrival. The member must be at the gate to sign in their guests.