Today is Thursday
October 2017
Local Time 10:50 pm
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Open 9:00 AM
Closed 7:00 PM

Open 1:00 PM
Closed 5:00 PM
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Fishing Allowed, Swimming Not Recommended.

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Members Rules


No person shall at any time have or take on to the lake or its Immediately adjacent parklands:

• Any glass bottles or other glass product.

• Any intoxication liquor, drug or similar substance. Immediate one year suspension . Members are absolutly responsible for their guests behaviour.

• Any animal.

• Any bicycle or tricycle.

• Any open fire (BBQ's require briquets or you may bring in a small propane BBQ).

• Any gas powered motor boat or snowmobile.

  • No Smoking/Vaping is permitted within the park and lake area. This includes both entrances to the lake, all buildings and all areas of the park and lake.

    No person shall at any time discharge, deposit, throw, dump or place any trash or debris of any kind whatsoever (including without limitation, any toxic or dangerous substance or material) in the lake, all of which are strictly prohibited at all times.