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December 2018
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Only Ice Fishing is Allowed

All Ice Surfaces Uneven Use at Own Risk

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Fishing At The Lake

Fishing will not be allowed southeast of an imaginary line drawn between the northwest corner of the Inn to the large rock in the water west of the falls. NO FISHING OFF THE BEACHES, WATERFALLS OR DOCKS AT ANY TIME.

CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY. Due to stocking issues we are now catch and release only until further notice.

Fishing is restricted to the Park area or, in the case of lake shore lots, owners may fish from their own property.

Members must leave their membership card with the appropriate staff member when they enter the park to fish.

Any fish kept by guests will be included in the household limit.

Each member must register the number of fish caught before leaving the park.

No live bait allowed.

No fishing from pedal boats or kayaks belonging to Lake Bonavista.

No cleaning of fish is permitted on the Lake Bonavista Amenities property.

Only barbless hooks are to be used.

Fishing closes 15 minutes prior to the park closing. Fishermen must report to the guard house before leaving the park.


Fishermen please ensure that your ice fishing hole is a minimum of 50 feet from the lake skating path.