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New Building Project 2017

LBHA has been exploring the possibility of a new main building for many years and has now accepted a design that we believe will address the buildings lack of functionality. The present building, built in 1968, is sadly lacking in public space, especially in the winter months. The crowded conditions cause difficulties to anyone wanting to use the building, notably those with disabilities, small children or large groups. As you can imagine, a building constructed in the 60's did not take those with disabilities into consideration. Over the years we have made changes where possible to remedy these oversights, but in the end we have a 45 plus year old building with little public space to make these changes fully realized.

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce plans to begin construction on the new Lake Bonavista Homeowners Association community building. The Board and administration of LBHA have been working diligently with local government entities to complete the necessary steps to allow this project to begin, and there are just a few matters to be finalized before the project can proceed. If all proceeds smoothly, construction may start as early as spring 2017.

This design would see the present 3,500 square foot main building removed and a new 7,288 square foot building constructed in its place. The new public space will include a much larger boot room/skate change/sitting area and larger washrooms facilities. Our design also incorporates a 1,033 square foot room that will be available for family parties and school/community functions. Outdoor showers along the west exterior wall will be available to rinse off after a swim in the lake. All in all, we believe the design to address the request’s made to us by members and to allow for future growth.